Information for obtaining Croatian citizenship

STEP 1 – Eligibility

–    Croatian emigrants, born in Croatia (within Croatian borders as today), and their descendants up to the third degree

–    People not born in Croatia (e.g. Bosnia and Herzegovina) but belong to Croatian ethnicity

–    Minor children of Croatian citizens (under 18, if one parent was Croatian citizen when the child was born). The only document needed for them is item No 1 in “Step 2”, and both parents should sign the application

STEP 2 – Documents

–     Birth certificate certified from CountyRegistrar-Recorder with the Apostille attached  (Apostille is issued by a Secretary of State office in the state where Birth certificate was issued)

–     Marriage certificate  from the Registrar-Recorder (not older than 6 months) certified copy with Apostille attached from state of issue.

–    Background check/Criminal Record (not older than 6 months) issued by the relevant authority (e.g. FBI or Justice Department). Printed online report is NOT acceptable, as it should be signed and sealed) Apostille Required if issued  by Dept. of Justice.

–     Biography written in Croatian, (or if English, to be translated to Croatian) as a short essay describing your motivation stating some reason why you are applying for citizenship (for emigrants, and their descendants, stating who, when and under what circumstances left Republic of Croatia, with appropriate evidence attached).  Include your involvement  in the Croatian Community.

–    Family tree with marked direct line from the initial immigrant(s) from Croatia to you, including all available birth and marriage certificates of your ancestors.

–     Written recommendation (if written in English, will need Croatian Translation) of a Croatian Community, association or a club, describing the ways in which you have been promoting Croatia abroad or preserving Croatian heritage and involvement in local Croatian activities.

–     Documented evidence of Croatian ethnicity from your Croatian ancestor or yourself (School transcripts, work papers etc., any official document issued before 1990 which stated that the person is of Croatian nationality (These documents are mainly needed for Croats born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro or Serbia (Vojvodina) and their descends).

–     Fill out application form (DO NOT SIGN as you will have to sign in front of the Consul) by non-erasable pen in CAPITAL LETTERS (In Europe nationality is considered more as an ancestry/ethnicity. Therefore when applying for Croatian citizenship in most cases you are expected to answer “Hrvatica” or “Hrvat”)

–    If petition is submitted for a minor, it should be accompanied by child’s birth certificate, proof of one parent Croatian Citizenship and marriage certificate of parent/legal guardians.  Child’s Birth Certificate requires an Apositlle attached from Secretary of State, of the state it was issued.  If one parent is not of Croatian descent, that parent needs to write a statement that he/she is in agreement of their child becoming Croatian citizen.


–    All documents in English need to be translated into Croatian and certified.

     For Translations, assitance in obtaining documents and completing application, contact:

     Adriatic Travel, Inc – 310-548-1446 – 1-800 CROATIA/800-276-2842

      or e-mail – .

STEP 3 – Application

–     Apply in person

–    Bring a valid American Passport and a valid Driver License. Your name must exactly match your birth (or marriage) certificate

–    All fees payable by Check or Money Order  to Croatian Consulate (NO cash/credit card)


For any questions or clarification, please contact Croatian Consulate at: 310-477-1009 or e-mail – or  Adriatic Travel, Inc., – 310-548-1446 Ext. 101/Irena or 107/Luci or e-mail or